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UPDATE:  TODAY September 10, 2015 I will be back on ABC's THE CHEW talking about Chore Charts!

We have 3 beautiful sons who are excellent at making messes!  My search for a chore chart began when I realized that they needed to do their chores DAILY without me having to remind them.  With this chart I can assign chores in the morning before they're up.  This way we never have to speak about it.  They already know the rule:  All chores must be complete before 5pm!

I made this simple chore chart (and blogged about it) about a year ago.  Recently I made a few for friends.  When the first chart was made I didn't think to take pictures.  This time I did.  Here we go: Chore Chart 101 - AGAIN!

Chore Chart
makes 1
Cost - about $10

For the project you will need:

1- non stick cookie sheet
tacky glue or mod podge
mini wood sticks
4 - large strong square magnets
12- small magnets
fabric scraps or scrap book paper  or construction paper
sponge paint brush
hot glue gun (optional)

Magnets, cookie sheet, glue, paper
Little Sticks for Chores
This project is so easy that I could probably just post the pictures and you'll figure it out.

Remove and label or stickers from the cookie sheet
Cut Fabric or paper to fit the cookie sheet
Trace around the pan
Cut the paper (or fabric) to size
Trim where necessary
If you're using 2 colors, use your first color as a guide
Dry fit the paper (or fabric)
Make sure everything fits well
Adjust as necessary
You can add names now or later when its dry
Generously glue the cookie sheet
Press the paper (or fabric) in place
Add a layer of glue on top of the paper
Glue the entire front - Dry overnight!
Assemble your chore sticks
Glue 1 small magnet to each stick
Attach large magnets to the back of the pan
Just like this!
Label chores, and you're all done!
I have made this project A LOT!  Which means I have messed up A LOT!  Here are a few of my favorite tips:

* Try decorative tape for a creative flair!

This tape is available in all colors and designs

* I prefer fabric to paper.  It lays flatter and puckers less.

* If you find that your paper has puckered or you've made other mistakes, don't panic!

Wrinkles/Puckers in the green paper
Wait for the project to dry completely.  Use a sharp knife and cut around the edges of the paper.  The entire sheet will lift out smoothly and cleanly.

Use a sharp knife to cut around the edge of the paper

Peels right off!

Old sheet comes off easily

Now you're ready to start over


Easier Chore Chart

If you love the idea of a chore chart, but you're just not great with the creative bit, don't panic.  Here's a quick and easy chore chart alternative.

Paint a magnetic surface with chalk board paint.  In my house the door that leads to the basement/garage is metal.  I painted the door with chalk board paint and made a quickie chore chart. 

Chalkboard paint is easy to find at any hardware or craft store.

Make the chore magnets as described above.

Kitchen Door Chore Chart


Watch me on The Chew HERE!

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As a Bonus, here are a few shots from backstage at The Chew

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