Fixing the deck step

1:00 PM

Broken deck stair

The top stair on our deck had been feeling a little loose for a while so I wasn't entirely shocked when it finally fell through.

This deck is easily 20 years old (maybe more) and will need to be replaced - some day.  Time got away from me this summer so my deck maintenance plans (sand, prime and repaint) got pushed to the spring.  Once the step broke, deck maintenance jumped to the top of the list.

Readers of this blog know that I am a middle ago mom, wife and mother.  I really enjoy a good DIY fix up, but this one had me scared.  I didn't want to do anything that might become a safety hazard.

Turns out, this job was WAY easier than I thought.

Each step on our deck is made up of 2 wooden slats.  As you can see from the picture above, 1 slat is in place.  The other slat is missing.

At first glance I thought that the slat had rotted.  Turns out the slat was fine.  The support piece under the slat was rotten.

So, here's how I fixed it.

Step 1:  I crawled under the deck and removed the rotten supports and nails. (The wood was easy to remove.  Those nails were tricky!)

Rotted deck support

Rotten support removed!
 Step 2:  I used part of a left over 2x4 from another project to make new supports.

Sawing the 2x4
Mommy's little helper!

Step 3:  I had 3" deck screws in the shed so that's what I used to anchor the supports.  The 2x4 was pretty solid so I pre-drilled the holes to make my life a little easier!

New support

Step 4:  I put the old step slat back and screwed it in place.


Everything will be sanded, primed and painted in the spring!  But for now, we're good!

Pro Tip:

While I was under the stairs I replaced several other rotten supports.  It's nearly winter and I don't want to have to worry about broken step in the snow!

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  1. I am the same kind of girl. I painted and repaired almost everything. Actually I am proud with myself. You did an amazing job. It is the right way to do it. Hope there are more undependable girls like us who are not afraid of fixing deck step! Greetings