Matching Family Pajamas - A Complete Shoppers Guide

9:24 AM

UPDATE:  All prices were gathered October 31, 2017.

Family Pajama Shopping Guide
I love the idea of having matching family pajamas on Christmas morning.  The reality of finding them is an entirely different story!

This blog post of born out of my own research and frustration!

We are a family of 5 + 1 adorable pup.  My concerns are price and availability.  We need a lot of different sizes.

This is what I have found:

SHOP EARLY!!!!!  It's true what they say, you have to shop early for the best selection.  That's REALLY, REALLY true in this case.  Lots of people love these matching sets so if you don't shop early you might be out of luck!

Before you buy ANYTHING online, you have to check out Honey!  It's a coupon code finding app.  I did a whole blog about it a while ago.  Read about Honey HERE!

Pricing:  The prices I quote are for 1 adult female set, 2 adult male sets, 2 boy (sizes 10 & 13) sets and 1 small dog set of pj's.
Style:  The price and availability I'm quoting are for NON-footed pajama pants (unless otherwise indicated) and a long sleeve t-shirt.  Nothing is personalized. 

The Children's Place has some amazing sales on matching family pajamas and their quality is good.  Though variety can be limited, most families will find a style they like.  Regular price for my family of 5 (not including the dog) was $110.75 (free shipping).  The honey app found a 20% off coupon code.  The grand total was $88.60
Update for 2017 - I did not find a coupon code this year, but all options were on sale so the total for my family of 5 was $69.40.

For some reason TCP tends to bury their link to family pajamas.  Here's the think for the 2017 Holiday season.   

TCP secret family pajama  location

Target (online) has entered the family pajama game this year.  Their prices are good and they have plus sizes and pet options available.  Selections are limited.  Matching slippers are also available.  Prices for a family of 5 is about $105.00. Shipping is free if you shipped to the store.   

Snug as a Bug has a pretty good variety, they had all the sizes I needed in stock.  Price to outfit our family (including the dog) was $392.70 + shipping.  (FOOTED PAJAMAS)

Pajamagram has LOTS of colorful, fun options in a wide variety of sizes including pet pajamas.  $279.00 + shipping

The Company Store/Company Kids  had good variety of styles.    Price to outfit my family (including the dog) $299.00 + shipping.  Honey had coupon code for 20%  off on this site.  (has had family sets in the past.  This year, 2017, i'm not seeing them on their website.)

Hanna Andersson has a very nice selection of sets including several superhero options.  There were a couple of options for pets though most family sets did not have a pet option.  Price to outfit my entire family $265.  Honey does not yet have coupon codes for this site.  They had them last year.  Shipping is free for orders over $150.

Lazy One has a very nice selection of pajamas and slippers.  Many pajama sets are sold as separates so you can buy just the pants or just the tops if you like.  There are pet options and slippers available.  Cost for my family of 5 is $186.91.  Free shipping for orders over $50.

Chasing Fireflies has a limited selection of very festive Christmas options in stock.  I found their website to be quite clunky.  Price to out fit my entire family is $246.00 + shipping. has nice looking sets and LOTS festive of styles.  For a family of 5 (Matching bandana available for pets.) the cost is $175.75 + tax.  Shipping if free for orders over $79.  Honey has coupon codes for this site.

FootSteps Clothing is a  great option for pjs that match but are not too holiday specific.  This site offers sets that you can wear all year!  Lots of solid colors that can be embellished with festive themes.  They have an amazing amount of variety and the prices are pretty good.  For a family of 5 (+ 1 small dog) the price is $224.00 + shipping.

Macy's has a nice variety of sets for the entire family plus pj's for pets and plus size family members.  To outfit our family of 5, the price was $234 (after coupon code).  Macy's had lots of coupon codes available and Honey has coupon codes for this site.

Kohl's is new for 2017.  They have a nice selection of options available including a bandana for a pet.  There are usually Kohl's coupons floating around online but I did not find any this time around.  To outfit my family + the dog was $122.00.

Burt's Bees is new for 2017.  They offer a nice selection of kids pajamas with a couple of options for adults.  Because adult selections are slim be sure to order early as they're likely to sell out.  There are no pet options.  Outfitting my family cost $154.  Shipping is free for order over $75.

Etsy has lots of people who make sets.  Enter the search term "family pajamas" and see what vendor has a style you like.    Because etsy options are hand made you will usually need a long lead time so order VERY early.  I suggest ordering by October 1st.  Price for a family of 5 averaged between $225-$350.00 + shipping.  Honey has coupon codes for this site.

Sew Your Own:  This time of year most local fabric stores will sell you an entire bolt (10 yards) of holiday fleece or flannel for between $50-$80.  A pattern for simple pajama pants should cost approx $3.  Long sleeve t-shirts are available at most craft stores for about $9 each.  Look for coupons before you go to the store or search for coupons on Retail-me-not.

So the price to sew my own breaks down like this:  Assuming 10 yards of flannel @ $6.99/yard.  The cost for fabric is $69.99 (assuming I have no coupons).  Plan $15 for elastic and notions.  I could make everyone matching pants for $69.99 + $45 to buy long sleeve t shirts.  So approximately $132.99 to sew pajamas.  Less if you have coupons.

Sew Your Own Using Bed Sheets:  The pros of bed sheets as fabric are that they're light weight, easy to find and fairly inexpensive.  If you tend to be hot/sweaty cotton sheets do a nice job of wicking moisture away from the body keeping you cool.  You can buy "seconds" (imperfect sheets) for greater savings.  The down sides:  finding enough matching sheets to make as many pj's as you want.

Consider making pajama pants out of sheets and custom embellish t-shirts that you buy from the craft store.

If you live in the NY tri-state area Marburn Curtain has MANY varieties of flat sheets on sale for EXCELLENT prices.  Go into the store - don't buy online.  You can pick up king size sheets for approximately $12/each.  They have shelves and shelves of them.  If you're outside of NY check your local curtain or bedding store.  Mom and Pop stores are a great resource for discounted sheets.  You can buy a sheet set or single sheets.  Sewing my own using sheets will cost me an estimated $70 for a family of 5.  I can use the remnants to make the dog a shirt!

Semi-Homemade Option:  I found sweatpants and sweat shirt "bundles" on for $11/set.  I'm sure that you can find matching sweatshirt and sweat pants fairly cheaply anywhere.  Buy matching sets for the entire family.  Then embellish the shirts with an applique, family initial or something festive (like a holly sprig, menorah or Christmas tree).

Custom Embellished Shirt
The cost to outfit my entire family with this method is approximately $80.

If you are shopping online before google the store name plus "coupon code."  I googled "children's place coupon code" and for a code for 20% off my entire order.

Retail Me Not is an excellent source of coupon codes (they did not pay me to say that).  I like them because you don't have to sign up or sign in.  I just jump on their site and poof, coupon code!

A Final Word

Sadly, there may come a day when the kiddos will no longer be willing to wear matching pjs at holiday (or any other) time.  But alas friends, there is an alternate plan.  Coordination!  Choose a color or a theme and coordinate around that theme.

Super hero theme
Black and Grey - bonus because these colors match grandma's hair!
Red and Blue

For more Tips and Tricks, Click HERE!

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. I love you for this. I had no idea that children's place did adults pajamas. I was trying to avoid spending over 200 dollars on pajamas for my family of 5 and I ended up spending 60 at the children's place! thanks for saving me a lot of time searching...and money!

    1. Well bless your heart, you are very welcome! I'll give credit where credit is due. Sommer over on told me about The Children's Place. This is my first year buying from them and they may become my go-to pajama spot.

      They're not paying me to say they're awesome but they really, really are!

      Enjoy your matching pjs!

    2. How did you find adult pajamas at the Children's Place? I'm looking for pajamas for my family of 5 also.

    3. Kids sizes have numbers (4, 6, 8, etc). Adult sizes are S, M, L, etc)

    4. Does TCP only have Adult pajamas seasonally?! Looked now and didn't really find any. TIA

    5. Kim they seem to be seasonal. I usually find them in October. Mark your calendar and check back. They sell out FAST!!! Also they really don't advertise the fact that they have adult sizes. You have to find a style that you like and look for the adult size.

      Seems like you have to be a TCP insider. Readers of this blog post are now insiders! Happy Shopping!

  3. Search all pajama sets and look at the available sizes.

  4. A LOT of people have reached out to me about finding adult sizes at The Children's Place. The easiest way to find them is to search first under the gender you need. So look in Boys/ Sleepwear / Pajamas. Adult sizes should appear first. Or use the search feature and type "Adult Pajamas". As the season gets later selection will become smaller. In October there were 6 adult options available.

  5. Great post! I also had no idea about the Children's Place. What a deal! So excited to find them.

  6. UNBELIEVABLE!! Thank you so much for sharing this post. Buying from the Children's Place saved me at least $250 on matching pj's for my family of 3 adults and 4 kids. With a coupon from retailmenot, the total for 7 sets of matching xmas pjs including shipping was $93.58. They are a little tricky to find on the site. Type "adult" into the search box and they will magically appear!

    1. I have no idea why TCP is so tricky with the adult sizes, but they're there. I'm SO THRILLED that so many people have found matching pj's at a great price!

      Hey- TCP should give me a kick back! LOL!

  7. Thank you so very much for this post - it comes in real handy! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  8. Awesome post.. I really appreciate your blog post. These one piece pajamas are the great source of fun and enjoy.. They are really awesome.. Thank you to share your views..

  9. Its very awesome set of family pajamas.

  10. Awesome Post.
    I love beautiful pajamas .
    Fantastic collection and information.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Thanks! Great to hear about the children's place. Target has a sale on matching PJs right now, but they are selling out quickly. Gymboree also has one option (snowman) which can be found in the pajama section of boys. They say Dad on them.

  12. Just a heads up, one of the TCP adult pajamas seems to not have a matching child's set. :(

  13. Thanks so much! Ordered my family pj's tonight!!!!

  14. I don't see the matching bandanas anywhere on the site at macy's, does it automatically come with one of the adult sets or are they sold out? :/ Thank you!

  15. Target is another great place to get family pajamas. I just ordered a few for my family of 5 and my total came out to 54 dollars.

    1. That's awesome! I had no idea Target did family pajamas. Do they have matching adult and pet options too?

  16. I bought the Christmas family suite, really beautiful, but it is sent from China, you can also check it

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  20. I stumbled upon this gem of a post as I'm searching for a matching set for a huge blended fam (2 adults + 7 kids (2 months to 18 years old AND a dog & cat!). Great hints and resources.