How to dissemble a GE dryer (or how I dissembled mine)

3:47 PM

This post is part of the ongoing Dryer Repair series


I removed the screws that hold the dryer lid in place.

There are 2 screws inside the dryer door holding the lid in place.
 Then I lifted the lid from the dryer.  Set the lid aside.

Remove the dryer lid
 Next I removed the front panel from the dryer. The front panel is held in place by 2 tiny screws

Front panel screws (one on each side)

The first time I took my dryer apart it took me FOREVER to find these screws.  With the dryer lid removed, look inside the dryer cabinet.  There are 2 tiny front panel screws.  One on each side near the top.

Once these screws are removed you can tilt the front panel towards you.  Be careful: there are wires that connect to the front panel and it's heavy!  The wires must be unplugged carefully.

Front panel tilted out.  CAREFUL - this panel is heavy!

The wires that connect the front panel to the dryer can be tricky.  They are plugged into a tiny panel that is partially hidden.  Two of the wires can be "unplugged" my giving them a little tug.  There is a 3rd wire that needs to be squeezed to be disconnected.

Front panel wires
Once the wires are disconnected the look like this.

2 wires slide on. The third wire I had to squeeze to disconnect.
Now that the front panel is removed and disconnected it's time to install the belt!  Set the front panel aside.

To be honest, there really aren't any pictures of how to install the belt itself.  The belt goes on top of the dryer drum (tread side down) and around 2 pulley's. 

Dryer drum with belt (tread side down)
I have done this process twice before and each time I needed the pulley diagram.  Looping the belt around the pulley(s) is a blind process.  It's done by feel.  The first time I did it it took me more than an hour of cussing.  This time I did it in about 5 minutes.

Here is the diagram for the GE dryer.

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