HELP - My dryer squeaks , the whole story

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Is your dryer squeaking!? - Don't panic!

About a year ago I made a post about dryer repair.  That post has gotten lots of hits and has really helped some folks out.  9 of out 10 emails that I receive about this blog are about dryer repair, so I'm putting all of the dryer repair information in 1 place.

If your dryer squeaks it probably needs new front or rear bearings.  Do yourself a big favor and replace both at the same time! 

Remove the drum to replace the rear bearing
How do I replace the rear bearing:
I covered replacing the rear bearing in this post.  Frankly speaking, this was my first dryer repair post and I didn't do a great job with taking pix.  I got better later.  I'm in the process of reworking this post to offer more user friendly information.

Front Bearing

How do I replace the front bearing and slides:
Replacing the front bearing is covered here.  I did a better job of taking pix this time!  Don't forget to replace the felt too!

Why should I replace the front AND rear bearings at the same time:

The rear bearing is easy to replace but hard to reach.  The front bearing and glides are easy to reach, but tricky to replace.  If you're going to do this job, you might as well do everything at once and save yourself having to take everything apart 2 times.  PLUS, putting the dryer belt back is a pain in the neck!

How Hard Is this job:

It's not that hard, but it depends on how self confident you are.  I am a middle age mother of 4.  I'm pretty handy but have received no formal handy-man type training.  I did this job in a few hours.  (I would have been faster if I knew what I was doing).  I also took cuss breaks when I needed them!  I'm self taught.  Everything I learn along the way I post on this blog!  I include pix when I can!

How much is this going to cost:
Since you're not paying for labor or a service call, not that much.  Parts are not super expensive.  This job will cost you some time.  I have an 8 year old GE dryer.  I paid less than $100 to replace: front and rear bearings, 2 sets of slides and dryer felt.  If I still had receipts I'd give an exact number.  Based on my faulty memory I'd guess that all the parts together cost me maybe $50 + shipping.  Most parts are not so expensive.  It's the shipping that will do you in!

Where do you get parts?
Appliance Parts Pros and Repair Clinic are my go to places for parts. Sometimes I get parts from or Ebay.  I use Appliance Parts Pros to find the part number, then search other sites for the best price. 

What if I need help?
Both appliance parts pros and Repair Clinic have help available.  In my experience Appliance Parts Pros Forum is the BEST!  You post your question and other users and professionals can help.

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Happy Fixing!


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