HELP, My Kitchen Faucet Leaks!

5:00 PM

You know that sound tap, tap, tap, tap!  It's just this side of maddening!!!!  Recently we have been suffering through leaky faucet syndrome times TWO!  Sheer torture I tell you - it's sheer torture!

Luckily I've learned a few leaky faucet tricks over the years.  I was able to fix both faucets myself.

Here's how:

First this KITCHEN sink:

We have hard water.  Apparently the minerals in the local water are known to corrode plumbing fixtures so the good people at Lowes advised me to ONLY buy fixtures with a Lifetime Warranty.

Thank God for this tip!  Last year I hard a terrible kitchen leak and bought a new faucet.  When the kitchen faucet began to leak exactly one year later I was ready to scream.  Then I remembered the lifetime warranty.  I called up the manufacturer (Price Pfister) who sent a new cartridge.  For the price of shipping I received all the parts I needed.

Cold Water Cartridge

Changing the cartridge is pretty easy ever for the novice plumber.  Plus [mostly] complete instructions are included.

Instructions included

Here are the steps [with a few added tips that the manufacturer left out].

First, TURN OF THE WATER SUPPLY TO THE SINK!!!  There should be a handle under the kitchen sink.

Then remove the decorative cap on the faucet handle.

The decorative cap should flip right off
Next remove the screw that hold the handle in place.

Mine was a phillips head
Remove the handle.

Then remove the piece that holds the cartridge in place.

This piece came off easily.  I used the pliers to get a good grip.

Now it's time to remove the cartridge.

I could have pulled this out with my fingers, but used the pliers to get a good grip.

Put the new cartridge in and press it in place with your finger.

Put the ring that holds the cartridge in place back on.

Don't forget to tighten the ring.
Put the handle and screw back on.

Line the handle up straight.

Replace the decorative top.

That's IT!  All done.

If the other side is leaking repeat these steps for the other handle.  My cold water was leaking and so I only replaced the cartridge for the cold.

The hot was leaking a few months back so that side is all taken care for.


First of all, this is a pretty easy fix and things went well for me.  This process was simple because this is a new (1 year old) faucet.  If your faucet is old, removing the handle, ring or cartridge might take more time.


Once the new cartridge was installed the faucet gave a very high pitched squeal each time we turned on the cold water.  I have NO IDEA why this happened.  The good news is that the squeal went away after a few days and the faucet functions normally.

Later, I'll detail how I fixed my leaky shower faucet.


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  1. I agree that the sound of a leaking faucet can make you go crazy. I think that's why it's important to have even just the basic plumbing skills. Leaks and clogs are situations we all deal with; and the sooner they get fixed, the less crazy we can all be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely love your blog and I’m glad you shared this with us.Kitchen Taps

  3. It looks like the task was a piece of cake! Anyway, it’s great that you easily found a replacement for your broken faucet. At the very least, you didn’t have to spend several days enduring the noise your leaky faucet is making. Not only would that noise be annoying, it's also a shame to waste water that way.

    Lavern Knight @ Midland Mechanical