Chore Chart

11:39 AM

For months now i've been trying to find some organized way to get the kids to remember their chores.  The problem is that everyone forgets and at the end of the day my hubby and I end up doing everything.  That plan is seriously no bueno!

As with most creative tasks, my first stop was pinterest.  I needed some (indestructible) way to assign new tasks each day.  It needed to be in my small kitchen, but not in the way.  Finally, there needed to be some easy way for the kids to indicate their their chores where complete.

I got all of that and the whole project cost less than $10!

I took a plain cookie sheet and decoupaged red and green scrapbook paper to the front.  Strong magnets are attached to the back.

Mini craft sticks with magnets on the back completed this project.

The new rule is our house is:  Chores in red means STOP, you've got chores!  Once all your chores are in green, you can go play!

Mini craft sticks and strong magnets for chores
Strong Magnets for the back of the cookie sheet

hot glue back magnets in place

Move Chores to green when they're all done!


Since I first created this chart, LOTS of new chores have been added.  They beauty of this project is that it is easily adjustable.  When I first made this chart there were maybe 10-15 chores.  Now there are 20-25.  It's become a habit.  Each morning I assign chores.  Everyone knows that all chores must be completed by 5pm.

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