Backpack Purse

11:50 AM

Backpack Purse - My weekend project

I have planned my commute so that I walk though the city each day.  This choice allows me to people watch,  interact with humanity and saves me a gym membership!

The only down side is that I REALLY need a hands-free purse.  I frequently walk while carrying an umbrella or coffee or any random thing you can think of.

About 5 years ago I ran into a pattern for a hideous quilted backpack.  It was the right idea with the wrong fabric. 

OBVIOUSLY I needed to make adjustments!

This weekend I sat down at my sewing machine and created a bag that works for me.  Here it is!

Basket Weave Backpack

Suede Lining

There are still adjustments I want to make, but so far I'm happy with the finished product!

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