Primative Rag Doll

10:58 PM

This is a very basic rag doll made with no pattern.  The directions are pretty easy.

For this project you will need:

sewing machine
1/4 yard skin one fabric
yarn-any color
a book
fabric markers (optional)
plastic doll eyes (optional)

Ok, here we go.

After you decide on the size doll you want, cut a piece of fabric into the shape of a key hole.  This is the head and body.  You will need 2 identical keyhole shaped pieces for this project.  One is the front.  The other is the back.

Next, we make the hair.  Identify a large flat item that is at least as long as the body.  1-2 inches longer than the body is ideal.  A book works great for this.  I used a picture frame.  Wrap your favorite yarn at least 50 turns around the book.  
Cut the yarn off the book/picture frame.

measure a piece of  paper towel or scrap fabric around the top of the head where the hair will go.

Using a soft piece of scrap fabric or a paper towel, sew the yarn together across the top (uncut edge).

Next center and pin the hair around the top of the doll head.

Stitch the hair to the top of the dolls head and remove the pins.

Turn the dolls head over and mark the eyes on the face.  You can add plastic doll eyes now or draw/paint them on later.  for this project I used plastic doll eyes.

 Marking the eyes will help orient you when sewing the head.

Next, cut and stitch the arms.  the length of the arm should be at least as long as the dolls body. 

Cut, stitch and turn the dolls arms.  lightly stuff the arms with polyfill.  You don't want to make them too stiff.  Use just enough stuffing to give them body, but don't fill them to the top.

Next pin the arms In place. 

The next step is tricky to describe.  Fold the hair back over the face.  The stitching from the hair will be facing you. 

Center the back of the doll head over the hair, arms and face.

Pin the back of the doll head in place.  stitch around all sides 2 times leaving the bottom open.

Now turn the doll inside out.  I gently tug the hair until she is fully turned.

Stuff the doll with polyfill.  Make the head firm and the body fairly soft.

For the legs, you can cut the same shape as the arms or add a foot if you like.  just make sure that the legs are longer than the arms.

Cut and stitch the legs.  if you added a foot, make a tiny cut at the top of the foot before turning it. 

Stuff the legs.  Make the foot (if you made one) firm and the rest of the leg fairly soft.

Tuck the legs inside of the bottom of the doll body.  Make sure they are even.  Pin and stitch in place.
Now your dolly is ready to be completed to your taste.

Use fabric paint, fabric markers or any medium you like to finish her off.

I like puff paint for the lips and earrings.  i use fabric markers for freckles, nose and eyebrows.


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